Toxic Chemical Litigation

Houston Toxic Chemical Litigation Attorney When over 1,000 homeowners needed legal help after a neighboring rail yard polluted their property with an industrial carcinogen, they turned to Scott Hooper to seek justice. When an oil refinery faced lawsuits from employees alleging exposure to toxic chemicals, the company turned to Scott Hooper to defend it.

Scott has been on both sides of high-profile lawsuits surrounding exposure to toxic chemicals, from hexavalent chromium to organophosphates to PICs, PNAs and PAHs. That’s because he is neither a plaintiff’s attorney nor a defendant’s attorney.

Scott is his client’s attorney, and his clients benefit from his experience on both sides of these complex cases.

Seeing the Whole Picture

Because he has put in exhaustive work to build a strong case, Scott always knows what he is up against. He builds a case with a 360-degree view of the issues. This allows him to anticipate his opponents’ next move and places him in the best possible position to serve his client to the utmost of his ability.

A few examples of the toxic chemical cases Scott has handled:

  • Benzene exposures
  • Acrylamide released from railroad tanker
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PAHs), also known as Polynuclear Aromatics (PNAs), released from pipeline rupture
  • Hexavalent Chromium exposure from leather tanning chemicals
  • Refinery Explosions – multiple chemicals
  • Refinery Releases – multiple chemicals
  • Hydrogen Sulfide – oil field exposure
  • Organophosphates impregnated in a consumer product for babies

Scott has also been appointed by judges to handle toxic chemicals cases, including one in which numerous children were harmed from exposure linked to a federal Superfund site.

Talk to Scott

Scott Hooper enjoys taking on legally complex cases like these. He focuses specifically on areas of law that require an intricate understanding of the issues. But this doesn’t mean it has to be difficult for his client.

In most instances, these complicated toxic chemical cases require a large team of professionals from various fields and disciplines. Scott pulls together a team of lawyers from various law firms and experts in chemistry, toxicology and other professions to assist him in handling these challenging cases. Notably, Scott put together a team of lawyers from three other firms — at its peak, more than 10 lawyers were assisting Scott — to help represent clients exposed to chemicals from a railroad tanker chemical release. This Team Approach has served Scott’s client well.

To learn more about Scott’s extensive experience in this area of law, contact him today at (713) 529-5055 or fill out the form on this page. Whether you are a business or an individual, Scott may be able to help you reach the best outcome in your chemical case.