Practice Areas

Scott Hooper is a trial lawyer.

Past clients will tell you he’s a rather good one. Scott aims to exceed his clients’ expectations every day he comes to work.

The areas of law where Scott focuses his caseload may look like a peculiar, random combination, but they are not.

The cases Scott litigates are highly complex and nuanced, and they demand that Scott do what he does best: gain an intricate understanding of the individual case and the legal issues at question.

Intensive research and rigorous investigation are essential. Without diligent preparation, a case can be lost before it even enters a courtroom. Scott understands this.

Diligence defines Scott’s legal work. He always does his homework. If he is your lawyer, he’ll never show up unprepared.

If Scott didn’t think he had the time to work your case to the utmost of his ability, he wouldn’t take it. If he didn’t believe in your case, he wouldn’t take it. When Scott takes on a case, he’s fully aware of the commitment and responsibility he is accepting. He won’t waste his time or yours.

Commercial Litigation

Motorcycle Wrecks

Products Liability

Toxic Chemical Litigation