Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycle riders and their passengers are among the most at-risk people on our roads and highways. The vast majority of bikers are aware of this. Despite some peoples’ perceptions, most motorcyclists do not pop wheelies and pull other risky maneuvers. They understand that exercising due caution is a part of the ethos of a responsible biker.

But people on motorcycles can find themselves in grave danger when other drivers fail to exercise that same caution. A 600-pound bike is no match for a 3,000-pound sedan in a collision. Additionally, even the safest motorcycle rider is not immune to defects that may be present in the bike.

The injuries bikers sustain are often catastrophic—or worse. Texas leads the country in motorcycle deaths, with nearly 500 motorcycle riders killed each year on Texas roads and highways. Thousands more are injured. Across the U.S., more than 4,500 motorcycle riders die each year.  Many of these bikers were not at fault for the wrecks that claimed, or nearly claimed, their lives.

Legal action may be the only way for these victims to get reimbursed for medical expenses and compensated for their physical and emotional suffering. Scott Hooper is an attorney who has pursued justice for the victims of  motorcycle wrecks before, and he may be able to do the same for you and your family.

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Do you want a biker who thinks he’s a lawyer? Do you want a lawyer who thinks he’s a biker? Or do you want an experienced trial lawyer who knows motorcycles and bikers?

Physically, Emotionally and Financially Life-Changing

When any driver fails to obey the rules of the road, many others are put at risk. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted by a cell phone or who fail to follow traffic signals can and should be held accountable for the damage that results from the wrecks they cause.

Knowing that each of us bears this liability should be enough to make us drive safely, but that is sadly not the case.

In a wreck, motorcycle riders may suffer injuries, broken bones or debilitating back, brain or spine injuries that could lead to a coma, paralysis or more. Treating these injuries may require lengthy hospital stays, doctors’ visits, surgeries, physical therapy and all kinds of additional treatment. The cost of it all can be financially devastating—and that’s not even taking into account the toll of lost wages and other financial hardships that may stem from the wreck.

If you’ve been seriously hurt in a motorcycle wreck, this financial nightmare is not something you should have to face alone. While filing a lawsuit cannot heal an injury or erase emotional suffering, it may be able to alleviate the financial burden the wreck has placed upon your family and put you in the best position possible as you continue in your recovery.

From 1988 to 1998, Scott represented several motorcycle manufacturers in claims brought by riders injured on motorcycles, ATVs and other outdoor sports vehicles. This gave him the chance to see these cases from the defense perspective.

Since 1998, Scott has represented people injured while riding on motorcycles, primarily as the result of defects in the motorcycles. He has tried several of these cases to a jury verdict and has a long list of satisfied clients.

These cases include the Harley-Davidson weave (commonly referred to as the “Harley-wobble”), Suzuki fuel pump failures, Kawasaki brake failures, improper Harley-Davidson dealer maintenance,  Suzuki stuck throttles among others. Scott is routinely contacted by attorneys from across the U.S. and Canada to consult on motorcycle cases. Often, these attorneys hire Scott to take the lead in developing these very technical and complicated cases.

The Right Attorney

If you or a loved one is recovering from a serious motorcycle wreck injury, ask yourself this: Do you want a lawyer who thinks he’s a biker? What about a biker who thinks he’s also a lawyer?

If you want to best protect your rights, you want neither. You want an experienced trial attorney who has helped people in your situation before by understanding the laws that apply to motorcycles and other vehicles. Demand an attorney who delivers, not one who pretends.

Scott Hooper is that kind of attorney. Scott will review your case and if someone else is responsible for the wreck he will fight for your rights. Scott will pull together a formidable team of lawyers, support staff and experts from various disciplines to investigate, analyze and prosecute your case.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle wreck, contact our office today at (713) 529-5055 to speak with Scott about your case.

Scott’s reference to a pulling together “a formidable team that may include lawyers from other firms, support staff and experts from various disciplines” is more fully described on the “team approach” page.

Scott Hooper operates as a solo practitioner. However, he routinely joint ventures cases with other firms. Additionally, Scott is of-counsel at Ware, Jackson, Lee & Chambers, LLP.  Scott often handles commercial and other cases with Ware, Jackson. Through his of-counsel relationship with Ware, Jackson, Scott has access to smart and talented lawyers in the next office and down the hall.

Scott will evaluate your case and decide whether he should handle the case alone or bring in other lawyers from other firms, including but not limited to the Ware, Jackson firm. Most important, whether one lawyer or 100 lawyers is on the team, Scott remains the captain of the team. Scott remains as the contact person for the client, and Scott takes the lead if the case has to go to trial.